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My Safety is my Responsibility

I can’t for the life of me understand people who want to place the onus of women’s safety on others... Or the idea that it’s someone else’s job to guard me and keep me safe.  

Here’s the thing.....I have some amazing men in my life. I’m lucky enough to have a husband and a whole tribe of brothers that would do just that. They all have my back 100%. However, I also know they can’t be with me all of the time. It has to be my responsibility to keep myself (and those in my charge) safe.  

But here’s what’s so cool about that : there is power in ownership. Power in being confident that I can prevent possibly bad situations just by planning ahead. There’s power in knowing I have the awareness and the knowledge to recognize a potential threat and therefore avoid them before they happen. And if the shit hits the fan? I train. So, I can deal with that too.  

At the end of the day I know that I am fully capable of dealing with the consequences of all of my choices, as well anything else that might come my way.  

We do not have the luxury of being blind to the craziness of this world. Letting others manage my security plan is essentially saying I’m too weak to handle it myself. There is no power or strength in laying your responsibilities on others.

Owning Your Shit is Empowering. Truly nothing else compares.