Help! I'm Lost.

The thought of getting lost is scary. Most kids have been told to not talk to strangers and probably would not have any idea what to do if they were lost or separated from their family.

This week we are going to talk about what to do if you get lost or need help. It will probably never happen but it is good to have a plan just the same.

If your child is lost or needs help for some reason, should they wait for someone to come to you to see if they need help, or should you ask someone for help?

They should definitely ask someone for help. The question is who?

Let’s assume there are lots of grown ups around, but they don’t know any and there are no policemen to be seen. Who should they ask?

The first choice should be someone who looks like a grandma or a mom with kids.  Because they have what is called “maternal instinct” which means moms and grandmas usually care lots about kids and would want to help when needed.

The next choice should be a lady.  Again, maternal instinct is more likely to kick in.   Statistics have shown that a woman is more likely to to get involved to help a chid than a man.

The last choice would be a man in uniform or a man working.  A man in uniform or a man working are good choices because they are probably pretty responsible and will most likely be willing to help.

Explain to your child, If they are lost or need help, never go with someone who approaches them, especially if they give them a funny feeling in their stomach.

Let’s review again who you should ask for help.

  • Someone that looks like a grandma. 
  • A mom with kids 
  • A lady 
  • A man in uniform 
  • A man working

  • Social