Hand Held Confidence

I can't tell you how annoyed I am with so many companies selling "confidence" and "security" with self defense gadgets.  Now there is this.... the Tigerlady (insert eye roll).  

 "TigerLady  will facilitate a heightened sense of situational awareness so you'll feel less vulnerable, and be more prepared......

 Best of all, TigerLady requires no training to use.........

 Hold TigerLady in your hand instead of your phone, and you'll notice that you're alert and aware of your surroundings, and focused on getting to your destination safely. It's something you know, that nobody else knows. Holding TigerLady immediately delivers a feeling of quiet confidence. "

  Statements like these worry me. I hate the idea that women will think "I can buy _____ and I will be safe."  No item can magically give you confidence, or awareness for that matter.   Items like these give women a false sense of security - and that my friends is dangerous.

 Tigerlady isn't the only one out there.  There is a ton of self proclaimed self defense tools marketed directly to women, and not all of them are bad.   But here is the deal.  Any tool- mace, stun guns, blades, guns and this as well are only as good as your training and your willingness use them. MINDSET is what will keep you safer.

 Ask yourself the hard questions. What are you willing to fight for (Are you willing to fight at all?)   How far are you willing to take it, if it means getting home safely to your family?  Practice being aware ALL THE TIME.   Note the details of your surroundings and the people in them.   And finally, Make daily decisions that are in line with your answers and that are less likely to put you at risk of an attack.

Stay Safe,

Coach Jessi