Don't Fear Failure....

I think one of the hardest things I face as a coach, is getting people to see past the limitations they've imposed on themselves. Most of them born of fear. 


Setting goals is easy, but going after them? That's the real challenge.


What holds them back? There's the fear of failure, the fear of letting someone down. Sometimes its a fear of the process. "How am I going to get there. (If I get there at all?!)" 


For example, in teaching women's self defense, it can be a fear of reality. Its easier for some to maintain the "It can't ever happen to me" fairy tale. Creating your own personal protection plan also means acknowledging the dangers we face in our day to day lives.


They avoid the uncomfortable. 


Excuses fly, and they'll find ways to avoid those fears, that pressure, and the uncomfortable feelings they cause.


Here's the thing.... This is where you grow.  This is how you find success.  This is where you find out how just how STRONG you are and what you are REALLY capable of.


 So when you feel the weight of those fears trying to hold you back. Remember these two things: 



 "Don't fear great attempts it is glorious even to fail" Bruce Lee