Cycle of Predation Part 1

Predation is the preying of one animal on others.  In nature, predation is a biological act of survival that results in the death of the prey and life to the predator.

The human predator is no different, the prey fills some sort of need.

Predators, whether human or animal operate under the same cycle of predation.

The Cycle of Predation can be broken down into four stages:

  • Target Search and Recognition
  • Target Isolation
  • Capture and Control
  • Handling or Consumption 

    Understanding the Predation Cycle is crucial for personal protection.  It gives us the correct perspective from which we develop our strategies to keep ourselves out of the target pool.

    Let’s examine the cycle of predation for the Lion.  The Lion begins by going to a well populated area where it knows there will be many options of prey, such as a watering surrounded by Zebra, Antelope, and other animals escaping the heat of the sun.

    The Lion sinks down in the tall grass hidden from sight, stalking and studying it’s prey.  It looks for the old, the young, the weak, or maybe ones separated out from their herd.  Once a target has been selected, the Lion focus on isolating it from the herd.  Finally, preferably through ambush, the lion seizes it’s prey.

    The human cycle of predation is no different.  He will stalk and study his prey, most likely in areas well populated:  Stores, Malls, festivals and events, etc.  He then begins his target selection while blending in with his surroundings.  He’s also looking for the “easy victim”  Watching for someone who looks weak or lacking confidence.  Waiting for the one that’s distracted and unaware of their surroundings.

    For the human predator, isolation requires two things.  First they need time, but it’s not as much as you’d think.  They only need you to be 30 seconds away from help.  Second, they need control.  This can come in many forms, possibly a threat, abusive language, or even a weapon.  They will use whatever means necessary to shut you down.  The end of this cycle is the same: dinner.  For us it means the crime itself.  Where the mugging, rape, or even death occur.

    The predator is well practiced.  They’ve repeated this cycle many times.  Its a regular part of their routine.  They feel no emotion for you in your moment of fear, and no remorse for what they are about to do.

    For most people violence and dealing with violent situations is not something they have prepared for and can’t or don’t respond properly.

    This is why learning to prevent the violence is so important.  It is a much better choice to learn ways to avoid being a target, than to pray for survival in the end.

    As the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, then plan to fail.”  Planning the details of your day, and actively being aware of your surroundings is key in removing you from the target selection process.

    In the next article we will examine specific strategies on how to do this.

    Be Safe!