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  • Cycle of Predation Part 1

    Predation is the preying of one animal on others.  In nature, predation is a biological act of survival that results in the death of the prey and life to the predator. The human predator is no different, the prey fills some sort of need. Predators, whether human or animal operate under the same cycle of predation.   Read More...

  • Complete Self Defense

    When I took on the task of developing our Fearless Personal Protection program, I studied and researched all types of information. I reviewed videos of real attacks, examined martial arts and military strategies, and even  studied medical examiners reports on how the victims died. In our workshops and seminars I always stress the concept of complete self defense.   Read More...

  • The Realities of Women's Self Defense

    There are many misconceptions about Self Defense, so many in fact that you could spend your entire career trying to prove them wrong!  Instead of doing that, what I've tried to do is focus on what the realities of Self Defense are.  That way we are working on REAL issues and REAL problems and developing REAL solutions! So how do we determine what the realities are?  Well we have to first identify that what our mind's eye pictures is the result of thousands of hours of movies and t...  Read More...

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