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    Top 10 Holiday Safety Tips

    Its that time of year: Shopping, parties, dinners, and traveling to see family & friends. Unfortunately, it also means a lot of opportunity for predators. So here's 10 ways you can keep you and your family safe this holiday season:)1) Walk confidently and with purpose. Observe those around you.   Read More...

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    Don't Fear Failure....

    I think one of the hardest things I face as a coach, is getting people to see past the limitations they've imposed on themselves. Most of them born of fear.  Setting goals is easy, but going after them? That's the real challenge.   What holds them back?   Read More...

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    Safety at the Touch of a Button

     I am amazed at how many apps are out there that are designed to "help keep you safer" when your out on your own.  My concern is that they are another way of selling (even if they are free) a false sense of security to women.These apps are used from everything from "when you want to take a night run alone" to "going on a blind date."  That's just a couple of their suggestions for use.  I spent a good amount of time reading these apps in the ...  Read More...

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    Discounting the word "NO"

      Discounting the word "No" is a common tactic used on women. When you allow someone to cross that boundary, you are also telling them they'll be able to push past others as well.When you say no, say it with confidence, and only ONCE. Anything more is perceived as a negotiation, a means to an end.   Read More...

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    Practice Makes Perfect

        You don't become an expert in situational awareness over night. Like anything else you want to be great at, it comes with putting in good reps.   This week while shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, I took some time to "practice" with my daughter.   Read More...

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